Why Does My German Shepherd Nibble On Me?

If you have a German Shepherd, you may have noticed that he or she likes to nibble on your skin. This can be quite annoying, but why do German Shepherds do this? And is there anything you can do to stop it? 

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why German Shepherds nibble on their owners and offer some tips for preventing it. Keep reading to learn more!

How do German Shepherds show affection?

German Shepherds are often known for their loyalty and affection towards their owners. They will often follow their owner around and be protective of them. German Shepherds will also show their affection by licking their owner’s face or hands.

Why does my German Shepherd nibble on me?

There could be several reasons why your German Shepherd is nibbling on you. It could be that they are trying to get your attention, or they may simply be enjoying the taste of your skin. 

Whatever the reason, it is important to discourage this behavior so that your German Shepherd doesn’t accidentally hurt you while they are nibbling.

One way to discourage your German Shepherd from nibbling on you is to provide them with chew toys that are specifically designed for dogs. This will give them something else to focus their chewing on instead of your skin. 

You can also try training your German Shepherd not to nibble on you by using positive reinforcement techniques. 

For example, if they stop nibbling when you ask them to, you can give them a treat. Consistency is key when training your German Shepherd not to nibble on you, so make sure that you are always vigilant in discouraging this behavior.

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6 Reasons German Shepherd nibbling on me

1. It’s a way to show affection.

When your German Shepherd nibbles on you, it could be their way of showing you some love. Just like how they might gently nip at your hand when playing fetch, this behavior is their way of being affectionate with you. 

So if your pup is giving you some gentle nibbles, it’s likely that they just really enjoy your company and want to show you some love.

2. They’re trying to get your attention.

Another common reason why German Shepherds might nibble on their owners is because they’re trying to get their attention. If your pup is used to getting a lot of attention and then suddenly finds themselves being ignored, they may start nibbling on you as a way to get your attention.

3. They’re bored.

If your German Shepherd is left alone for long periods of time, they may start nibbling on you out of boredom. Dogs are social creatures and need companionship, so if they’re not getting that from you, they may try to seek it out in other ways.

4. They’re anxious or stressed.

German Shepherds are known for being loyal and protective dogs, so it’s no surprise that they can sometimes feel anxious or stressed when their owners leave them alone. If your pup is feeling anxious, they may start nibbling on you as a way to self-soothe and calm down.

5. They’re teething.

Just like human babies, German Shepherd puppies go through a teething phase where their baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth. During this time, your pup may start nibbling on you as a way to relieve the pain and discomfort that comes with teething.

6. They’ve learned that it gets them what they want.

If you’ve ever accidentally rewarded your German Shepherd for nibbling on you, then they may have learned that this behavior gets them what they want. 

Whether it’s attention, food, or a toy, if your pup has learned that nibbling gets them what they want, they’re likely to keep doing it.

Do German Shepherds have a favorite person?

Yes, German Shepherds often have a favorite person within their pack or family. This favorite person usually provides the most love, attention, and food, making them the leader of the pack in the dog’s eyes. 

The favorite person may also be the one who takes the dog on the most adventures and plays with them the most, further cementing their position as leader. 

Of course, every dog is different and some may not have a clear favorite person, instead loving everyone equally.

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How to stop the German Shepherd nibbling on me?

The best way to stop your German Shepherd from nibbling on you is to provide him with plenty of chew toys and bones to gnaw on. Be sure to praise him when he chewing on these items instead of you. 

If he does happen to nip you, let out a loud yelp or ‘no’ to startle him and then immediately give him one of his chew toys. With patience and consistency, your German Shepherd will learn that it is okay to chew on his toys, but not on you.

15 Tips to stop German Shepherd nibbling on me

1. Be assertive and consistent with your commands.

2. Don’t give in to demands for attention or food.

3. Try using a muzzle or bitter anti-chew spray when you’re not able to supervise your dog.

4. Distract your dog with toys or bones when he starts to nibble on you.

5. Get professional help from a qualified trainer if the problem persists.

6. Keep your dog well exercised and mentally stimulated to reduce boredom and chewing behaviors.

7. Never use physical punishment as a way to stop your dog from nibbling on you, as this can make the problem worse.

8. Be aware of times when your dog is more likely to nibble on you, such as when he’s hungry or excited.

9. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed to avoid scratches when he does nibble on you.

10. Try to remain calm and relaxed when your dog is nibbling on you, as this can help diffuses the situation.

11. If all else fails, consider finding a new home for your dog where he will be less likely to engage in this behavior.

12. Never leave young children alone with a German Shepherd who is known to nibble on people.

13. Be sure to provide your dog with plenty of chew toys and bones to help redirect his chewing urges.

14. If you must scold your dog for nibbling on you, be sure to do so in a calm and gentle voice.

15. Always consult with a veterinarian or professional trainer if you have concerns about your dog’s behavior.

Final Thoughts

German Shepherds are incredibly loyal and loving animals, and they often show their affection by nibbling on their favorite person. If your dog is nibbling on you, there’s no need to worry – it’s just his way of showing how much he loves you.

However, if the nibbling becomes too aggressive or incessant, there are a few things you can do to stop it. 

With a little patience and these 15 tips, you can curb your German Shepherd’s tendency to nip at your heels. Thanks for following along with our series on German Shepherds!

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